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Kicking cancer

woodburn food bank

woodburn food bank


Kicking Cancer (Enter code "KICK" for 12oz bags and "KICK5" for 5lb green bean bags)

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We are honored to have KICKING CANCER  as one of our recipients. They do some incredible work, and their goal is to get rid of cancer once and for all! We are happy to donate $2 for every 12oz bag sold, and $5 for every 5lb bag sold to people who use the code 'KICK" at checkout. Every dollar counts!



Significantly reduce cancer while supporting those in the fight against cancer.


Live an anti-cancer lifestyle through five core values while subscribing to “active surveillance” if you are diagnosed.


  • Gain Social Support
  • Reduce Your Stress
  • Rest is Powerful
  • Food is Medicine
  • Do SOME Movement

woodburn food bank

woodburn food bank

woodburn food bank


Woodburn Food Bank (Enter code "WBFOOD" for 12oz bags or "WBFOOD5" for 5lb green beans) 

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Nobody should go hungry and the Aware Food Bank in Woodburn, Oregon has a mission to feed people who have a need.   AWARE Food Bank provides food assistance in the Woodburn area. With support from our local community, we collect and distribute nutritious food for children, adults and seniors.



When you give to AWARE Food Bank, your donation will help local families in the Woodburn area. You can make a donation at the AWARE Food Bank, by mail, or online.


You can donate food for local families at AWARE. We welcome donations of shelf-stable food and fresh produce. If you are in the food industry, want to hold a food drive for local families, or have any questions about the kind of food we can accept, please contact us at

United Way of mwv

woodburn food bank

United Way of mwv


UNITED WAY OF MWV (Enter code "UNITED" for 12oz bags or 'UNITED5 for 5lb green beans) 

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Maybe you've noticed. Maybe you've seen something in the news, or in the paper about one of our direct service projects. Maybe you've seen something on social media. Any way you've learned about our work, you're seeing a different United Way.

​At United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley we focus on supporting our friends and neighbors in need, because we all benefit when we each have an opportunity to reach our full potential. 

We work together with businesses, government, schools, faith groups, individual community members, and nonprofits - because it takes the whole community to get the kind of results we need. 

For more information, we invite you to get in touch to discuss how you can get involved. Please contact us via e-mail at 

we will donate: $2/12oz bag, and $5/5lb bag of green beans

Regardless of whether you purchase our Artisan Fire-Roasted coffee beans, or our 5lb bags of Artisan Green Beans, we will make a donation to the Non-Profit code that you enter at check out. Every dollar counts, and we thank you ahead of time for your support for those in need.